• Isle Lift

This product is fantastic for breeds that need their coat to stand up. Highly recommended for Pekingese, Poodles, Terriers, Shelties and Collies.

Spray the applicator to deliver the product directly to the root. You can spray onto your fingertips and work into the head furnishings on breeds such as Westies or Cairns.

Works great to help build up areas on a topline that take away from an otherwise perfect outline, such as that little dip behind the withers. Build height and give strength and structure to the base/root of the coat, yet leave the top coat with the proper texture.

Description:Create texture at the root. This non-aerosol, protein-rich spray builds body and provides long-lasting volume with a lightweight hold, extra styling control and brilliant shine. The directional applicator delivers maximum lift to the undercoat. Perfect for coats that need to stand up or away from the body.

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Isle Lift

  • Varenummer: 520-200
  • Tilgjengelighet: 3
  • NOK:239,00

  • Eks. Mva: NOK:191,20

Etikett: isle lift, 520-200, shampo pelspleie, pleie, - salg -

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